Disc vs. Disk - Which is the Correct Spelling for Optical and Magnetic Media

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If you are so curious to be searching for this right now. the correct answer is, they are both correct! In general, disc referrs to optical media, while disk referrs to magnetic media.

(Since this is a technology website, this article is related to technology. We are talking about the misspelling of disc/disk in reference to optical discs and magnetic disks)

Disk - According to Merriam-Webster, a disk is a thin circular object. Obviously, this would mean that magnetic disks and optical discs can be included in the definition of DISK. Since magnetic disks were invented before optical discs were, we can safely continue referring magnetic disks (hard disks and floppy disks) as a DISK.

Disc - This term was coined by Sony and Phillips when they released the optical Compact Disc in 1982. After the optical CD was released, all optical media released later (DVD, Blu-ray) is referred to as a DISC.

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