How to Fix - Cannot open the Outlook window. Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded

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After launching Outlook 2007 or 2010, you receive the following error message:

Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded.

Outlook XML

To fix this error, run the following command from the Run box or from the path where Office is installed (For Office 2010, the path is: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14):

Outlook.exe /ResetNavPane 

What does Outlook.exe /ResetNavPane do? It clears and regenerates the Navigation Pane for the current profile. Basically, it removes all shortcuts and favorite folders from the Navigation Pane. Not a big deal, as most users leave the default favorite folders in place, but just something to consider.

Here is a complete list of command line switches for Outlook as well as what they do. It also shows how to run them:

Command working thank u so much dude ... :)

Outstanding! it works!

Thank you! Great fix :)


It worked great for me thks alot

I have win 7 and office 2010. I went to the command prompt , then I copied and pasted this: cd C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14 I then typed in the outlook.exe/resetnavpane and that fixed it. MANY THANKS

thank u so much...

Now its working...:-)

Great Fix

Thank you. It worked ;)

It Worked , thanks

thanks thats very helpful...

thank you very works.

Thanks! It did work, but it "changed" the presentation of my folders slightly .... oh well!!

Worked perfectly. Thanks for the useful help!.

whoever u r u a gr8 genius thanx loads,tonnes and heaps!!

My comment is plan and simple. It worked! Thank you.

Thank you so much works 100% in windows8.1 :)

great. it works. resolution from the command line is tramandous experience

A window called Run will pop up; in the blank next to Open, type: Outlook.exe /resetnavpane

I want to thank you -- problem solved!

This worked. Thanks!!

It solved my problem !!!

Thanks a lot for this simple solution. It was bugging me for hours :)

Thanks All.... It worked... Very grateful!!!!

Outlook.exe /ResetNavPane

It worked perfectly in seconds!

Outlook.exe /ResetNavPane, ran this command and nothing happened. Still getting the error message.

I tried using the Run box to execute the "" as per the instruction but the computer says "Cannot Find """.

What can i do?

Of course you'll get an error message. Take a closer look at what you typed in, and what is written in the article.

It works. Nicely done op. Thank you.

Fixed it! Thanks.

Thanks, big help. Fixed my issues so far...

This worked perfectly! Thanks a lot!


It worked! Thanks for the solution.

Thanks. This worked great. The explanation is good and the instructions are easy to understand. A nice piece of work.

good job,bhai.the problem was solved. thanks

Please help I need correct path for my system

yes, it worked many-many Thanks

Great - Saved me half an hour on the phone to our IT Team.

Superb and short solution, appreciated !!!
keep posting such solution to help the engineers in resolving such IT issues.

Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded.

Thank you so much for your help. Quick and painless

Thank you, easy quick fix

Let me join the chorus: Thank you! I put Outlook.exe /ResetNavPane in the Run box, clicked it and Presto!...Outlook was restored. Wish all computer problems could be cured so easily!

Worked like a charm! Thanks a mil


excellent work its working fine for me.... thankyou for good suggestion

I tried the START command at the command prompt like this:

C:\start Outlook /resetnavpane

and it worked.

Problem Solved - Thanks !

getting error XML

worked like charm. great fix.

it didn't actually work for me but rather "Outlook/ResetNavPane" did the magic, thanks because your idea was helpful.


Thanks very much, it really solved my issue otherwise I thought it would be solved by re-installing the Outlook Express.


Not reqd now

This trick really helped me when i was almost confused.
More of that please

Thanks it works

I copied and pasted it and it worked right away. It would be nice if Outlook put a shortcut in to be workaround. THANKS!!!

you saved me from waiting the IT guy forever! Thanks a lot!


Worked done Thx

Thank you now
Outlook WOrking Fine 04/01/2016

Excellent, thanks buddy.

Thanks... worked easily

Worked perfectly. Thanks a bunch!

Thanks problem is resolved .

worked fine...thank you

Its Worked. :)

Perfect solution - it has saved a day for me.

Haven't been able to check my email at work for two days! This worked instantly! Thanks :)

Error message "Windows cannot find outlook.exe/ResetNavPane" what to do?

It worked. Thanks..

Many thanks. When the "Cannot open the Outlook window. Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded" error kept appearing I feared the worst, but all very quickly and easily sorted with the Run command: Outlook.exe /ResetNavPane Worked a treat. Thanks!

Thank you!

problem solved ,thank u

Thanks for the Outlook.exe /ResetNavPane tip.
The invalid XML never happened previously in Outlook '10
The reboot took a while, but all is working again.
Thank you!
Neil Bousquet APR

Thanks it still works

Worked in seconds - after a day of pain from Outlook implosion this saved so much time - a genuine solution!

Brilliant, thanks!

Thank you so much.
The solution worked and its working.

Wasted a lot of time doing the same things some other people have tried before discovering this.
Worked great - Thanks for your help.
Keep up the good work!!

hello my xml is not working itried to follow the instruction given above but i failed

Very Helpful. Thanks A lot!!!

It works thank you very much.

Had an issue with a customer and after exhausting all other methods I found this and it was spot on, Thanks!

nice that this works to get outlook up and running, but what is the permanent fix. would be nice to figure out the root of the issue, so to not require typing outlook.exe /resetnavpane every time outlook needs to be opened and ran. what is the permanent fix so this doesn't require being typed in to start outlook 2013 every time it is needing to be ran and opened for use?

This is typically a permanent fix. You are the first case I've seen where it was not. If you continue to have this problem, there may be something corrupt in Office. I suggest a repair or reinstall.

New added knowledge. Thanks!



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