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List of 113 Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts - CheatSheet

Here is a very comprehensive and complete list of keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8 (Many of these will work on Windows 7 also). Bookmark or print this page for your keyboard shortcutting pleasure!

How to Close Apps or Programs in Windows 8

Yes, it has came down to this. A tutorial for what used to be such a simple task. If you are just learning Windows 8 and can't figure out how to close an application (because the traditional minimize, maximize, and close buttons are gone), here are the official ways to close apps in Windows 8:

  1. Alt + F4 - Pressing Alt + F4 while an application is open and active will close it. (A lot of newer laptops require you to hold down the function key before you can press F4. In this case, you must press Alt + Fn + F4)
  2. Windows Key + Tab - Hold down the Windows Key + Tab, then right click the application from the list on the left and choose close. This will not work for the currently active app.
  3. Task Manager - Press Alt + Ctrl + Delete and select Task Manager. Select the application you want to close and click End Task.

Unfortunately for the general population, all 3 methods require keyboard shortcuts as opposed to a simple mouse click. Why Microsoft thought this was a good idea is another topic.

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