How to Fix - Cannot open the Outlook window. Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded

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After launching Outlook 2007 or 2010, you receive the following error message:

Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded.

Outlook XML

To fix this error, run the following command from the Run box or from the path where Office is installed (For Office 2010, the path is: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14):

Outlook.exe /ResetNavPane 

What does Outlook.exe /ResetNavPane do? It clears and regenerates the Navigation Pane for the current profile. Basically, it removes all shortcuts and favorite folders from the Navigation Pane. Not a big deal, as most users leave the default favorite folders in place, but just something to consider.

Here is a complete list of command line switches for Outlook as well as what they do. It also shows how to run them:

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typed in the Outlook.exe /ResetNavPane command and instead of getting an ivalid xml notice I get "cannot open default e-mail folder. Information store could not be opened." Now what?

This means that outlook in in compatibility mode First, navigate to the following directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office XX\Outlook.exe right click “Outlook.exe” and then select “Properties” – this should be at the very bottom. From there, go to the “compatibility” tab and uncheck the “Run this program in compatibility mode” check box. Select “apply” and then restart your computer and open up Outlook to ensure “compatibility mode” is completely turned off.

As we used to say when we were young, "Shut Up! No way!". Thank you!!!!! I never realized that was causing the problem "cannot open default email folder". I'm going to pay special attention to that the next time someone asks me about that.

Thank you! This is one of those things like when I realized the ~ilename.xlsx temp file was causing the problem "The spreadsheet is already open by another user" error. I knew about the file for years but never knew it was the cause of the problem.

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Thanks alot for your help, it work on my system

Outlook.exe /ResetNavPane worked for me. Thanks.

Outlook.exe /ResetNavPane is giving error message, "Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened."

my problem is same with your problem

Nearly had a heart attack, as I had a report due, this is great and helped immediately, thank you so much!

I also use the resetnavpane and out look reopened However after the lap top was Re booted
Out will not open again




This fix worked on windows 7 office 2010.

I have seen the comments about putting in outlook.exe/resetnavpane. I can't find where I put that in to work. I tried the C: drive path and I got of Office 14, but I don't see where I can type that in the computer. I do have Windows 7, Office 2010. Help!!!

You can enter that command from the "run" box, or open a command prompt and change to the office14 directory like this:

cd C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14

Now run the command

Great, it works ! really helpful. Ilona

Thanks for the help. I found that I wasn't putting a space before the forward slash in the outlook.exe /ResetNavPane. As soon as I did that, it worked. Thanks so much Ingram for posting this information.

Thanks a million. Same issue. Everywhere I read it said make sure there is no space.

Thanks. I had the same problem but it is solved now.

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Running Windows Vista. Got all the way to Office 14, but that only contains GKExcel, PPT, Word. Office 12 has Outlook.exe.manifest, but what do I do from there? I can't seem to get anywhere. Thank you.

Right click on an Outlook shortcut (either from the desktop or in the start menu) and choose properties. On the Shortcut tab, the Target Path field is the correct path to Outlook.exe

Thanks, but where is the Target Path? It shows email accounts, data files, and profiles. Thanks.


thanks i also solved the problem

I'm running Windows 8 and that same error message suddenly started showing up. I can't start outlook. I ran that command line and even did a repair install on office..nothing worked. Any ideas? Where does the ResetNavPane executable reside?

Ive used the /resetnavpane & /cleanview.. have run the scanpts att and run repair & still get the xml error.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12>outlook.exe /ResetNavPane

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12>

WOW instant fix, THANK YOU!!

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Thanks,Working and solved the issue.

Hello, the outlook.exe/resetnavpane file exists only in Manifest format. in efforts to validate XML error, I am not given the option to open manifest file to correct XML error. any assistance?

Not exactly sure what you mean by that. I did notice that you do not have a space between outlook.exe and /resetnavpane. Outlook.exe is the executable file. /resetnavpane is a command line switch. See this microsoft article for a full list of them and how they work:


worked - thank you!!!

In my case there was a 'outlook' file under %userprofile%\username\Application Data\Microsoft folder

You need to Delete the 'outlook' file and try to re-launch Outlook it will create a new 'outlook' Folder in the place of the file.







Hello Ingram,

Really it works well. However you can get this problem due to problem with Outlook PST file like virus attack,damaged file structure or oversized issues. When you are encountered such types of problem then it can be resolved through a PST recovery tool.

Regards :


Its working.Thank you

Start >> run >>> Outlook.exe /resetnavpane

Yours was the only way mine worked. XP Pro THANK YOU!

It's working. Thanks you so much.

Hi, please help. My outlook cannot open even i use "Outlook.exe /ResetNavPane ". It will asked me to open outlook with safe mode. If choose yes. Then, it said unable to open again and start the "Detect and Repair". Finish installing " Microsoft Office Professional Hybrid 2007", then nothing happens. Hope you can understand the problem and help me. Otherwise, do i need to format my pc @ install new Microsoft Office ?

HI, when its asked to safe mode select no,or else re-install the MS office.

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Problem solved thanks so much , Excellent

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Googled this error and this link was at the top, it worked a treat thanks ever so much

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Outlook.exe /ResetNavPane
- This has fixed my problem in outlook 2007.. Thanks buddy !

Cannot launch ms Outlook in ms office 2010 in windows 7. Word and other programs work ok. Say there is a problem with C:\users\chard\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst
I uninstalled outlook and reinstalled but same problem....????
Thank you

Did you have the exact error message as in this article? If so, did you run this command?

If you have a bad pst file, that is another problem that you can attempt to fix with scanpst.exe

Where does one enter the fix-it command to do what is required?

Run the command from the run box, or from the command prompt, like the article says

The command worked. I put a short cut with the command on the desktop for the user and he is happy. Is there a fix so the command does not need to be there? Or do I just re-install MSOffice on his PC and see what happen? My user is a salesperson and he is on the road most of the time, so I would like to try to fix it without him having to come into the office.

Thanks,Working and solved the issue.

What I did was: 1: Close outlook. 2: Renamed the xml file to xml.old. 3: Opened outlook. Problem fixed. The xml is sitting in "drive:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook" directory.

Perfect its working fine :)

Use PST repair tool and solve your "Cannot open the Outlook window. Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded problem". The software repair all over pst files and recover also from windows os. Try free demo version at :

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Ingram, thanks a ton, this was such a great post. Saved me lots of time and aggravation!

This was very healpful

I can't thank you enough! I've been without email for 2 days and after finally getting the repair function to work, I had gotten the XML error.

First time saw a such error, your method helped, thanks a lot.

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This did not fix my issue. Any other ideas?

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