Exchange 2010 Organization Prep failed (The object exists)

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Exchange 2010

 Ran across a strange error today when trying to deploy a Exchange 2010 box in an existing 2003 organization. The problem was it kept saying the operation failed because the object “All Address Lists” already existed.

So when I pulled up ADSIEDIT and went to:

  • Configuration
  • CN=Services
  • CN=Microsoft Exchange
  • CN=<org name>
  • CN=All Address Lists Container

I noticed that under the “Address Lists Container” there was no All Address List, but when I looked over on the right side I saw the All Address List with the text document icon. The Class column for that object was also empty.

The problem was someone apparently set some Denies for the group “Everyone” on just that object. From the 2003 DC I was not able to edit the security properties of that object. It kept giving me errors when trying to open. I had to use ADSIEDIT from a 2008 box before I could even get the dialog box to open. Once I did I just removed that permission screw up, refreshed, and everything worked perfectly!

This is what it should look like:


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