How to configure Transmission in Ubuntu with no Network Lag

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Transmission is the default BitTorrent client in Ubuntu and it does a fantastic job of it. However, you may notice that your entire internet connection crawls nearly to a halt when using it. This is due to partly to the amount of data you are downloading, and also the large number of connections required for Transmission to operate at it's best. Luckily, it's relatively easy to adjust these settings so you, along with whoever else shares your internet connection, can continue to use the internet while using Transmission is running.

After opening Transmission, click on Edit > Preferences > Choose the Speed tab.

Check the “Limit download speed”  and “Limit upload speed” boxes and set them to the appropriate values. I set my download to 200 KiB/S and upload to 100 KiB/S, but you will likely need to adjust it, depending on your internet speed. Go over to the Network tab.

In the “Limits” section, you can set the “Maximum peers per torrent” and “Maximum peers overall”. I set the per torrent to 30, and the over all to 100. You may need to lower the per torrent if you continue to have problems.

As you can see here, this effectively limited the download speed and the number of connections per torrent.

Overall, this should get rid of most of the network issues from using Transmission. Leave a comment and let us know what settings you use in Transmission, or if you have any other tips on how to speed up your network while using a BitTorrent client.


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