How to Fix Ox8007000D Windows 7 Activation Error

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While activating Windows is typically a seamless process, occasionally one runs into a snag. The 0x8007000D Windows activation error can cause significant problems if one does not know how to resolve the issue, including being unable to download and install updates, wallpaper removal, and annoying activation notifications. This activation error can likely be caused by many things, however, I believe this one to be the result of not entering the Windows 7 product key and without activating Windows within the 30 day activation window. 

I first came across this issue when I received a call that a user's background had been changed to a black one and there was a message in the bottom right corner stating, “This copy of Windows is not genuine.” So naturally, the first thing I do is attempt to activate Windows. I chose to activate Windows over the Internet and received the following error message: 

“A problem occurred when Windows tried to activate. Error Code 0x8007000D”

Windows Activation Ox8007000D Error

I assumed that it was just one of the many problems with Internet activation, so I attempted to activate over the telephone. As many of you may know, activating over the telephone is significantly more time consuming, as you must enter an installation ID and conformation ID. It may take longer, but it is typically more effective in situations such as this. As to my surprise, I was greeted with the same error message in a different form.

Windows Activation Telehone Ox8007000D Error

Oddly enough, I was able to get past this error message for the telephone activation, however, the following window was just as depressing as the previous.

Windows Activation Telehone Ox8007000D Error

Where the installation ID would normally be listed, there are only blank blocks. This makes the telephone activation useless because the installation ID is required. 

With no choice left, I attempt to change the product key in hopes that activation will be successful afterwards. 

Change Windows 7 Product Key

Unfortunately, changing the product key gets me just as far as the attempts to activate did, nowhere! Needing to resolve the issue and not having any ideas left, I decide to give Microsoft a call, considering they provide free support for activation issues. After being transferred around and going through the same basic questions with about 3 different people, I finally get somebody to tell me a resolution. They recommend that I perform an in-place upgrade of Windows 7. For those of you that don't know what this is, it's when you put the Windows 7 disc in your system while it's booted and reinstall Windows 7 with the “Upgrade” option. This will keep your files, settings and programs in place on your computer. It is important not to choose “Custom” installation or all of your data will be lost. Unfortunately, I was disappointed yet again. For whatever reason, the in-place upgrade would not allow me to continue. 

As a last resort, I attempted to perform a system restore.

System Restore Windows 7

The system restore was successful, and after restarting I was able to activate Windows without any issues.


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