Outlook clients getting an error trying to recieve data from Exchange server

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Outlook clients getting an error trying to recieve data from Exchange server
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I have an exchange environment (2010) with two NLB CAS servers and a DAG MBX group with two servers.  I'm noticing a REAL long load time of the EMC when attempting to connected to the DB on MBX-1.  Even when attempting to load the EMC on MBX-1 the load time is >1 minute.

Also Outlook clients all over the agency are getting the error "Outlook is attempting to connect to CAS to retrieve data".  Some clients will lock up, and Outlook has to be restarted.  It is not version specific for the client.  All versions of Outlook are experiencing this.

I've also tested clients in Cached mode and non Cached mode.  Same issue.

I'm working on some fixes and will post what I try.

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Here's what ended up fixing it:

I found several articles pointing to DB latency due to querying the DCs when EMC loads up.  I have a mixed environment from static IPs (orig DC is on a static external ip) migrating to an internal network on 10.10 network.  There are a lot of state agencies still using static IP addresses internal are the same as the public IPs.  Stupid....anyway....

I had one DC on the 10.10 network.  It was a physical DC.  I also built a DC on my VM environment so I'd have one virtual and one physical.  These are the two DCs I needed Exchange to talk to.  For some reason Exchange was looking for the old DCs on the external IP network.

Here's the PS script I used to specify the DCs and GCs that Exchange needed to query:

Set-ExchangeServer -identity <Exchange Server Name> -StaticDomainControllers <FQDN DC1>,<FQDN DC2> -StaticGlobalCatalog <FQDN GC1>, <FQDN GC2>

It worked like a charm.  Outlook clients are able to send/recieve data from the Exchange server quickly.  The EMC loads as it should now as well.

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Thanks for the information!  So i'm assuming you are not using a layer 3 switch for the routing between subnets? I've noticed that a lot of routers/firewalls do not route traffic as fast as a layer 3 switch.

Anyways thanks for the info!