Welcome to Here you will find quality and detailed tutorials and articles on "ethical hacking". Brute-Force, Denial-of-Service, Exploits, and Wi-Fi are some of the topics you will see covered here. Again, these tutorials should only be used on equipment you own or manage to test your own servers security. Do not perform any "hacking" or any attacks you find on this site on any equipment unless you have explicit permission to do so, as it is illegal in many cases.

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Dnsmap is a subdomain brute-forcing program. It has a built in word list, which makes it easier than ever to use. If you have your own list of subdomains, you can use that instead. Dnsmap is meant to be used by responsible pentesters during the information gathering/enumeration phase of infrastructure security assessments. Only use this tool on domain names you have permission to use it on (such as your own, or ones belonging to the person who is paying you).

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Hydra is a tool that makes cracking protocols such as ssh, ftp and telnet relatively easy. In my example, I will be cracking SSH using Hyrda 5.9.1 on Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit (***Update for Ubuntu 12.04 - Replace all references of Hydre 5.9.1 with Hyrda 7.3, which can be downloaded here). Although this example uses Ubuntu, these commands should work on any Debian based system such as Debian and Linux Mint.