BibleTime - Cross Platform Open Source Bible Study Application

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BibleTime is an open source cross-platform Bible study application. BibleTime is currently at version 2.9.1 and you can find it in the repositories for most Linux distributions, including  Ubuntu and openSUSE. If you are looking for the most current packages available for your OS (including Windows), check here. Since it is based off the SWORD Project, BibleTime has access to the hundreds of Bibles, commentaries, maps, and more. You can freely download anything in their collection and index it for fast searching. Some of the more notable features of BibleTime are:

  • Personal Notes
  • Side-by-Side Version Comparisons
  • Fast Indexed Search
  • Access to SWORD Project Library

To install BibleTime in Linux, run the following command:

Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install bibletime

openSUSE: sudo zypper install bibletime

Windows: Download Here





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