How to Change Last Logged on User at Windows 7 Login Screen in Registry

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Change last logged in user on windows 7 login screen

After logging onto a Windows 7 computer, your username will be displayed on the login screen after a restart or logoff, like this:

Change last logged in user on windows 7 login screen

Whether working remotely or locally, you may not want the next person to login to the computer to know you were logged into it. The 2 main reasons are:

  1. Security - The user may not want you in their computer and they would question you if they knew you were in it.
  2. Login Trouble - Many users do not know how to switch user accounts on Windows 7, and they may spend 30 minutes trying to login before they call you for help!

To change the last logged in user at the Windows 7 login screen, simply edit the following registry entry and restart the computer:


For a domain account, make sure to put it in this format: DOMAIN\username

Really great tip, thanks a lot!
One question: do you think it will work also on Windows 8?

I believe so, but I haven't tested this yet. I'll post back here when I do

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