How to Fix Outlook 2007 Keeps Prompting for Username Password When Using Outlook Anywhere

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Outlook 2007 password box keeps popping up

If you are using Outlook 2007 to connect to a Microsoft Exchange 2007 or 2010 server using Outlook Anywhere (formerly know as RPC over HTTP), you may have a username/password box constantly popping up asking you to enter your credentials. This will continue to happen even after entering the correct username/password and checking the "Remember my password" box:

Outlook 2007 password box keeps popping up

To fix this, run Microsoft Fix it 50636.   Here   is the Microsoft KB on it.

Office 2007 Password Box Keeps Popping Up

If you get the same username/password box, but the "Remember my password" box is missing, you must first upgrade Office 2007 to SP3. Update through Windows Update, or download the service pack directly here.

this article helped me a lot. thank you :)

Heureka! Thank you so much, I was fiddling with the settings a whole evening and did not think of looking for an update for this rather old software. The update fixed it for me!


i am using outlook 2007 in computer.
I have changed my local user account for windows after every 30 days.Then outlook also need to enter its password..How prevent this issue..Please some buddy help me..

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