How to Install Windows Version of Firefox on Ubuntu Linux with Wine

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This tutorial shows how to install the latest stable Windows version of Firefox on Ubuntu (currently Firefox 17 and tested on Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10, but should work on any Debian based system. Check for the latest version of Firefox here). I also recommend installing the Windows version of the Java RE using WINE after completing this tutorial. Follow this tutorial to install Java.

Run these commands to install WINE and download and install Firefox for Windows:

sudo apt-get install wine
chmod +x ./Firefox\ Setup\ 17.0.1.exe
wine ./Firefox\ Setup\ 17.0.1.exe
Follow these steps when going through the Firefox installation:
Click Next to continue
Click Custom and then Next
Click Next for the default install location
Uncheck "Install Maintenance Service" and click Next
Select the shortcuts you desire and click Next. On the next page, click Finish and you are done. You can now find the Windows version of Firefox in the Dashboard or Applications Menu.
WINE Firefox for Linux Install
Notice there are two Firefox icons. The one on the left labeled "Firefox Web Browser" is the native Linux version which is pre-installed on most Linux operating systems. The one on the right labeled "Mozilla Firefox" is the Windows version.

Very helpful! Easy instructions to follow.

You helped me a lot :)

Brilliant tutorial. Terse, yes--but brilliant! Thanks.

As usual a useless tutorial that does not work at all.

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