How to Reset FortiGate FortiNet Admin Password

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How to Reset FortiGate FortiNet Admin Password

In my example, I'm using a FortiGate 60, but this should work on any model. You'll need the console cable. I believe you can also use a Cisco console cable, but I'm not certain about that.

To begin, open Putty, or whatever terminal software you want to use. Configure it like this:

  • Speed - Baud 9600
  • Data Bits - 8Bit
  • Parity - None
  • Stop Bits - 1
  • Flow Control - No Hardware Flow Control
  • Com Port - Use the Com port you have the FortiGate connected to, Duh!

Unplug the power to the FortiGate, and connect the console cable. Plug the power cable back in. Once it gets to the login screen, you'll have 14 seconds to enter this username and password:

  • Username - maintainer
  • Password - bcpb + Serial Number

I saw a lot of guides on the internet that weren't very good or descriptive. The password is what confused a lot of people. So just to make clear what worked for me, the fictional serial number of my FortiGate is "FGT-60790732846". It's important to note that the "bcpb" is lower case, and theĀ "FGT-60790732846" is capital. So in my case, here is my password in quotes, "bcpbFGT-60790732846"

Let me know if this did or did not work for you, and what model you have.

Your instruction work for me for the model number fortigate 50A

Glad to hear, thanks

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