How to Robocopy File Shares With Spaces

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You will see the following error if you try to use robocopy to transfer data to or from a network share with spaces in it unless you use the correct syntax:

robocopy spaces

ERROR 67 (0x00000043) Getting File System Type of Source \\servername\share name" e:\data \s \e \copy:dats

The network name cannot be found.

ERROR : No Destination Directory Specified.

To resolve the error, you must use the correct robocopy syntax for shares with spaces. This is the correct syntax for my example:

robocopy /"\server01\boe applications\/" e:\data \s \e \copy:dats

Just in case you were wondering what the switches in this command do, here is a description:

robocopy source destination

/s & /e - Copy subdirectories

/copy:dats - Copies the following file properties: Data, Attributes, Time Stamps, and NTFS ACL

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