Remove or Disable ESXi Shell SSH Warnings-Errors for ESXi vSphere 5

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If you receive the following warnings in vSphere/vCenter 5 on and ESXi 5 host, there is a way to suppress the warning messages:

ESXi Shell SSH Warning 1

Configuration Issues

ESXi Shell for the host has been enabled

SSH for the host has been enabled

​This warning occurs when you have Remote SSH and the ESXi Shell for management of hosts enabled. By default, it will alert you, as a precautionary measure, to ensure you do not accidently leave it enabled. If you wish to permanently disable the warnings, you can easily do so from the GUI or command line:

  • GUI - Remove Shell SSH Warnings

From vCenter or vSphere, go to Home > Inventory > Hosts and Clusters and select the host. On the configuration tab, click on Advanced Settings:

ESXi Shell SSH Warning 2

From the Advanced Settings window, select UserVars. Scroll to the bottom and change the value of UserVars.SuppressShellWarning from 0 to 1:

ESXi Shell SSH Warning 3

Repeat these steps for any other hosts

  • Command Line - Remove Shell SSH Warnings

​Login to the host by command line and run the following command:

esxcli system settings advanced set -o /UserVars/SuppressShellWarning -i 1

​That's it! If you want to perform this on an ESXi 4 host, the GUI steps are the same, but the command line steps are different. Check out this VMware KB for the differences

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